The wake up with a view

Finally I was awake, the pain was real, but I took one look out my window and I wasn’t sure if I was high or if I was really seeing this multi million pound view. I was looking at the houses of parliament on a beautiful sunny day. It helped me through the next 10 days of tears, pain, uncertainly, I just looked out the window and took a deep breathe. But look at this view it is outstanding.


I was in a room with 4 amazing ladies, I was next to a lady called Maisie who would also cry out all night in pain. My dad brought her up a paper everyday and we got talking about what was going on, and then she picked up her Bible and I just looked at her and said “He has you” for the next 10 days where I was on my knees asking God why I was in the most unspeakable pain. Maisie and I read the Bible, the hospital pastor came up and reminded me that I am were I am meant to be, that this is a journey, this is a struggle but God brings the peace, he meets me where I am and gives me strength. Maisie was an amazing help for me and we both said God put us here together for a reason, to be the strength we needed to get through the sleep less nights.


The pain was real, I just cried and I felt stupid. One of the consultants sat down with me and said that it was alright to cry, if that is what your body is doing let it, it’s a release. I felt a weight lift off my body, for 10 days my parents sat by my side, trying to find answers to help relieve the pain.



Finally I got to a place where I wanted to go home, I wanted to be in my bed surrounded by my things and my TV. (Really I just wanted to binge watch Netflix) ha. So I got to be discharged, Maisie gave me her Bible to take with me and keep throughout the challenges I have yet to face and know that God is standing with me and She is my cheerleader. Amen.


I basically took home the entire pharmacy. These beaut of red socks. A cracking scar. And a whole lot of pain. But I am ready for my new bed that I had brought for when I got out of surgery. I was only meant to be in for 5 days and ended up being in for 10.

The next step is recovery and prep for the next surgery.

Daisy. xo



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