The start

After my melt down I went to the doctor who helped me the day my mind and wall went crumbling down. She was wonderful we spoke about everything and suggested starting an AntiDepressant which I was hesitant to take but she said it would help for now, my aniexty, my insomnia, dark days and restlessness. The first type I took made me feel like a zombie so we switched to another one, which I have now been on for nearly two years and I am not ashamed to say that I am on them. She also suggested therapy when I was ready. 

She also had heard of a Vascular Surgeon and Guys and St Thomas in London who specialises in blood clots and weird blood situations. So a month or so later off I went to see him and he was amazing, he sent me for lots of tests, scans, blood work and said the best option for me was to have surgery where they remove the first few ribs under my collar bone. I had so really cool scans where they put dye into my veins and do a live X-ray. His team are amazing and have helped me so much. 

I was taken into hospital a few times due to my arm going blue and red, and the pain was so bad. And they went above and beyond. I have a clot was painful but then I had my first surgery…. 

The LT side (your right) is how a normal vein should flow and the RT (the real dark messed upside) is my clot. 




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