So I haven’t been able to travel for a long time due to my blood clots, and I’m having serious travel blues. I miss walking and exploring a new city, embracing new cultures, meeting new people and hearing their stories of their town and country. 

So a few years ago I got to visit a very beautiful, old, historic country of Lithuania. At the time the town I visited and worked in was very poor, as the country itself. I went before they joined the Euro currency, it had its own and it was crashing and wasn’t worth much. But the food from local restaurants and cafes was beautiful, I went to a little cafe every morning in the town and got something freshly baked and a hot coffee, I got to talk to locals and hear their stories. Lithuania is known for its Amber and the amber jewlerlly was incrediable. Definitely something to buy and pass down the family. 

The architecture of this city and country is just breathe taking, its old, build brick, and the painting is beautiful. 

Please it may not be somewhere that pops to mind when you go for a holiday but do it, flights are cheap, the scenery is one for the eyes and the history is powerful. Make a change and go to Lithuania. 



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