A taste of Poland 

I love food, I love trying traditional food’s whenever I go to a new place! Learning about eh history of the food, how it is made and why it became a tradition is so cool. And I LOVE PERIGIE I could eat it everyday in Poland it’s so yummy! It’s kind of like dumplings and you can have different filling. I have spinach and cheese with a white sauce. You can find it in pretty much most restaurants and family homes if you hunt around. 

So after our work outs next to my friends gym is a cute little courtyard and an PANCAKE PLACE. Called Mr Pancake they have a few one in Krakow and Warsaw. You can pick whatever you want to go on to your pancake, they sell smoothies, drinks (alcohol) and hot drinks. I strongly recommend this cafe, it’s cool, it’s hip and they do music at night to. When this pancake came out and I took my first bite my mouth was in a dream it was so bloody good. I was speechless! Sweet, healthy, creamy! Please check them out online and go take a visit.

I left Poland again changed, my heart is always rejoiced when I leave, my dear friend Patti. She teaches me to believe in myself, to go after my dreams unapologeticly, to get rid of the people and things that keep me held back. Poland is a dear dear place for me. It’s one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. 



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