A little trip. 

So after a breakdown, and finding Jesus I needed a break away, so my best friend phoned me and said she’d booked me a flight and I was to come stay with her for a while.

 I feel in love with Poland in 2013, and go 2/3 times a year. If you’ve never been GO. It’s the most incredible and beautiful country, the language is mind blowing and the history is amazing. So off I went to Krakow. A city I ADORE, to see a friend who is straight talking, powerful and an inspiration. 

We worked out everyday, going on hike’s, cooking vegan food and talking this out. 

We went to the cutest little bakery called Charlottes Bakery, and wow it was amazing. The food is healthy made there and then. The smell, the environment and the staff who spoke English and helped me try out my broken Polish!We then went to to a frozen lake and took a HUGE and scary hike, which was so cool. It was challenging, pushed me to the edge, and got me think about how to overcome challenges and how to get to where you want to be. It was cold, raining, the ground was iced and covered in snow and certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. But it was powerful and I walked away elated. 

Now to polish food. 



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