Being sent home.

Being sent home was all in all a blessing. I got to spend time with my family, rest peacefully in my own bed and binge Netflix’s! ( that was really the main reason 🙂 ) However I did go back to see a Vasucualr Surgeon at my local hospital, who after an X-ray told me flat out “you do not need your first ribs out, it wouldn’t help and their is nothing I can do” so off I walk thinking that’s good. But hold out for another plot twist. So then went to see a blood specialist, who at first was as hopeful as the rest, testing me for everything under the sun. Changed me to a new blood thinner which I had to self inject into my belly twice a day! Which let me tell you is harder than you think the first few times. You get like mental block! Where you know you have to do it and you can, you stick the needle into your belly but you can’t push the top down. And many when I did HOLY SMOKES, it was like being stung by a thousand bee’s in your belly! A tip if you ever have to do it injedt SLOWLY, your instinct will be do it fast and get it over with but DON’T. So your only meant to be on these injections for 6 weeks otherwise it can cause side effects on your bones long term. I was on them for 6 months! 
So again after being shipped around more consultants and more scans, blood tests and many trips to see her she finally said “I am sorry I really don’t know what else to try for you or the pain.” As any parent would but parents had my back more than I ever thought I needed, as I was being stubborn and thought I could handle it all myself. I have never seen my dad get mad but he did not mad as in shouting but a parent mad, wanted to know what else we could do etc. So I walked away feeling hopeless, a blood clot stuck in my chest and pain that was crippling every day and pooping pills like they were going out of fashion. 


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