The First Time.

It all started with a small pain in my shoulder blade that felt like I had been shot in the back, I had a small lump which I just assumed was a muscle knot so went about my ways. Only for the next day to see every single vein from the center of my chest along down my right arm they were bolt blue, my arm then kept going dead, I got horrific pins and needles and then my arm was turning red and blue. I went to visit my dear friend and I took off my jacket and his parents eyes jumped out of their sockets, they sat me down and said ‘there is something seriously wrong with your arm and you need to go get it looked at ASAP’ Well I truly trust these two people with my life and I phoned my mom and off we went. I honestly just thought it was a trapped nerve, never in my life did I expect the road that was yet to come.

And off I went into see the emergency doctor and the hospital as I took off my jacket again he looked with pure confusion, asked me question with answers that didn’t match up. He said I need you to come back later for a scan I think you may have a blood clot, but with your health and age it’s unlikely. I got back in the car and told my mom what had happen, and I got this sick, crunching feeling in the pit of my belly, as her face dropped. I put on a brave face as I deep down new something was wrong. When we got home I needed to take a bit of me time so I drove to my friends and had a cuppa and a little cry. But I pulled myself together and thought whatever it is it has happened to me for a reason and I can certainly handle it.

They couldn’t fit me in that day for a scan and blood test so I went to OUTSTANDING doctor’s who have been my saving grace throughout this whole year! and they sent me to a ward where they would run all the tests ASAP! There I was being bombard with questions, being sent for an ultrasound. I sat there in a room with cold jel smothered across my chest, my arm and the ladies face dropping, me crying in pain as she pushed between my ribs, across my breast and under my swollen 29cm bicep. Saying I can see multiple blood clots and my journey was only just about to start.


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