It Start Like This.

So from that first scan, they sent me home saying to go to my doctor. Only I ended up in screaming pain knowing how scary and deadly blood clots can be. So I went back to A&E were they took one look at me and sent me straight back to a little room, put me on a drip, pumped me with pain killers, a huge clot busting drug and took some more bloods. I was pretty out of over the next twelve hours, but a reminder of where I was, were the nurses coming in and out every half an hour and I could hear my parents talking to doctors and each other. I am someone who is strong who takes things as they come but I was starting to get scared. I was rushed in for another ultrasound, another chest x-ray, ask every question under the sun that could be asked to someone. Then I feel into the best sleep I have had in the two years that have pasted. But I was awoken by a lung specialist, who told me off like I was a 7 year old caught sneaking chocolate out the fridge. Because they had found a small shadow on my lung and then procieded to tell me they were going to do more tests and read me the right act on how young I was, how bad smoking was and that this should be a wake up call, because he does not want to see me in 10 years time with thick black lungs. This woke me up and I promised him that I wouldn’t be smoking again. My parents gave me that look of ‘listen to this guy and take notice that we have been telling you this for ages’ Well I looked at my mom and said you have been smoking for years so you should be listening to. I found this funny as I was super high on morphine. After another few hours I was told that they were waiting for a bed on a ward so they could keep me in for a week or so to keep running some tests and see if the clot busting drug would work.

So later that morning, I was rolled up to the ward really fast by this young man called Adam who I was asking about his job and he was pushing my bed really fast and swinging me round the corners and I called him a pro. This was what I needed a little laughter, because who new what was about to happen.


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