Blood Clot’s and Me.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with a blood clot stuck in my Subclavian Vein, at 22 this is pretty rare, as I have no family history, ticket none of the physical or personal attributes that would lead me to develop a blood clot. Before last year I had very little knowledge about blood clots and how life threatening they can be. I wish I had spoken and document by journey early but it has been one hell of a year, and it is still no over.

I have spent the last year in an out of hosptials, visting pretty much every department in the hospitals, hundreds of blood tests, multiple MRI’S, CT scans, Ultrasounds and Venograms. The majority leading to inconclusive as to why I would have a blood clot.

I hope by sharing my story that it bring awareness of the signs, how to prevent and what to do when you or someone else develops a blood clot.


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